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Grantwriting Boot Camp

About The Free Class:

Hosted by Tracy Babler of Tracy Babler & Associates LLC


What you need to know to kick start your grantwriting.


What to expect when writing a grant proposal.


The full breadth of skills it takes to write grants.


How to overcome the biggest concerns most people have when they start grantwriting


How to work with me more closely to take your next steps.

About Me

Hi, I’m Tracy!

I’m an entrepreneur and grantwriter who teaches nonprofit professionals and aspiring grantwriters to gain the skills and knowledge to feel confident writing grant proposals or launching a brand new career as a grantwriter.

I’m a nonprofit communicator, fundraiser, and small business owner. When I’m not hanging out with my family and my Bernedoodle, I’m gardening, watering my 40+ plants, playing pickleball, or making a home-cooked dinner.

But my first passion is to raise money for the nonprofits that I work for and care so much about. And after 20 years of grantwriting, I’m now dedicated to teaching more people to write grants because the demand for our work is greater than ever—and really important organizations need us.

Inside the free class, I’m sharing the exact strategies I share with my clients and mentees. 

See you there!


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