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Tell me if this sounds like you…

You’re passionate about making the world a better place, and you need to raise money for your efforts.

You want to raise grant funding, but you don’t know where to start.

You’re burnt out from doing work that doesn’t align with your values or bring you joy and want to explore grantwriting as an alternative.

You don’t understand the full breadth of what grantwriting entails—beyond the writing.

You want an easy, straightforward system to learn the art and science of grantwriting.

All of that’s possible inside

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Who Is This Right For?


You created your dream organization. You are an issue expert. You have the relationships. But you have no idea how to raise money!

Nonprofit Grant Magic is an easy, accessible, self-paced class that will give you the tools to start raising money for your vision within a few short weeks!

Early Career Grantwriters

You have your dream job as a nonprofit professional…but you’re still lacking the confidence to fully embrace (or ask for!) the role of grantwriter.

Nonprofit Grant Magic will give you the confidence you need to take a step up the nonprofit career ladder by adding the knowledge and skills necessary to substantively contribute as a grantwriter in your organization.

Learn on the Job Grantwriters

You’re a nonprofit professional who needs to write grants, even through your primary job isn’t grantwriting. Executive directors, program directors, teachers, and sometimes even board members—this is you!

Nonprofit Grant Magic will help you fully understand the grantwriting process. It will not only help you fund your work, it will also round out your professional skill set so you have more to offer in this job and future jobs.

Career Transition Grantwriters

You have writing or other strong professional skills, but you’re burnt out from a career of doing things that don’t bring you joy or fulfillment.

You’re ready for a career transition. If you’re thinking about a new career as a grantwriter—either working for a nonprofit or searching for freelance gigs—Nonprofit Grant Magic will give you the skills and confidence to take the leap!

Basically, this is for you if…

  • You’re ready to start writing grant proposals—you just need someone to guide you through the process.
  • You need support developing a grant strategy, identifying funders, and actually submitting a proposal.
  • You want an easy, straightforward system to learn the art and science of grantwriting quickly.
  • On the flip-side, this is not for you if…
    You’re looking for a class on the mechanics of writing instead of a comprehensive grantwriting strategy and career development class.
  • You’re not interested in learning about the full breadth of skills and knowledge it takes to become a grantwriter.
  • You prefer to crowdsource free information rather than get real, actionable strategy from experts.
  • You prefer trial and error to a tried and true grantwriting strategy.

Join Nonprofit Grant Magic today and get instant access to the course and all the bonuses!

Praise for Tracy Babler

Tracy is a creative individual with deep commitment to the nonprofit sector, philanthropy and engaging young professionals in both realms...I found her to be eloquent, quick-thinking, compassionate and intelligent. I strongly recommend her for all things communications and nonprofit!

Nicole F.

As a novice, I came to the training with some incorrect assumptions around the life cycle of grant work. Before participating in the training I was tending to see the writing of a proposal as the major component of grant work...I now appreciate how much time, energy and creativity needs to go into finding appropriate sources of funding as well as how much one needs to nurture relationships over time.

Eliot H.

"As a person newer to grantwriting but not completely new, this course has provided a great foundation of the very basics and of deepening the work I'm already doing. Even side comments you've made give me lightbulb moments."

Sophie H.

Hi, I’m Tracy!

I’m an experienced nonprofit fundraiser and communicator who works with writers to develop the skills and knowledge to feel confident in their grantwriting skills.

When I’m not hanging out with my family and my Bernedoodle, I’m gardening, watering my 40+ plants, playing pickleball, or making a home-cooked dinner.

But my first passion is to raise money for the nonprofits that I work for and care so much about. And after 20 years of grantwriting, I’m now dedicated to teaching more people to write grants because the demand for our work is greater than ever.

I also believe that working on something that is important to you is the only way to build a sustainable career. I want to give a lot of people just like me—people who started out with a vision but no roadmap—a pathway to becoming a grantwriter.

What’s Inside Nonprofit Grant Magic

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In Module 1, new grantwriters will learn about the world of grant writing, including what to expect the grants life cycle and how to determine grant eligiblity.

By the end of Module 1, you will be able to speak like a professional grantwriter and confidently determine whether an organziational is eligible to apply for a grant opportunity.

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In Module 2, you’ll learn about the vast world of grant prospecting—in other words, finding funders who are a match for investing in a nonprofit’s work! You’ll define your organization’s key charactersitics, learn about prospecting tools, and establish the Rule of 5 to stay organized while you pursue your funder prospects.

By the end of Module 2, you will have a list of funding prospects and a complete annual workplan to build on (a grants workplan is never done!).

Timeline main image


All your grant proposal questions, answered! In this module, we’ll go over the most commonly asked grant proposal questions and what the funder is looking for.

You’ll finish Module 3 understanding not just how to answer questions, but also how to tell a compelling organizational story—regardless of the grant application format.

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Module 4 is all about efficiency. You’ll learn how to use discovery documents to your advantage, how to leverage the “creative commons,” and best practices for narrative interviews so you can get the most compelling information from your colleagues.

Better yet, you’ll finish Module 4 with the confidence to call the foundation and ask the right questions to set yourself up for grantwriting success!

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Module 5 is the heartbeat of the Nonprofit Grant Magic course—what I call Voice Lessons! You’ll learn how to write from your organization’s perspective by identifying the key elements of its voice and brand. You’ll also learn how to write to your audience, while bringing your own skills and talents to the grantwriting process.

You’ll finish Module 5 understanding how to integrate the trifecta of perspectives into your grant proposals—the organization, the funder, and the writer—YOU!

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This module covers the many layers of editing you’ll need to plan for and complete to finish your grant proposal. On top of that, we cover the documents you’ll need to prepare, understand and attach to most proposals.

A key takeaway from this lesson is how to set yourself apart as a grantwriter by understanding advanced budgeting concepts!

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Module 7 covers what to expect after you submit your grant proposal and how to prepare narrative and financial reports.

You’ll finish Module 7 with the knowledge to set yourself up for success with grant reports so that funders will want to keep investing in your organization.

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If you’re looking to build a career as a grantwriter, you’ll need to create strategies for sustainability, peer support, and professional development.

The conclusion to the Nonprofit Grant Magic course gives you personalized strategies to keep raising money for the long haul. I give you the mindset tricks that I’ve used to raise millions of dollars every year as a nonprofit grantwriter.

There’s More! You’ll Also Get These Bonuses…

Six months of members-only group coaching calls

Templates and tools for narrative interviewing, storytelling, work planning, budgeting, and more
24/7 Access to Our Online Community
Working with AI

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The full Nonprofit Grant Magic course

All the bonuses: 6 monthly group coaching calls, online community, templates, tools, and a special lesson on working with AI as a grantwriter

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Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers…

How do I know if I’m a good enough writer to benefit from this course?

The truth is that almost anyone can become a grantwriter with the right training and confidence. If you successfully wrote a paper in high school or college, chances are you are qualified to become a grantwriter. The most important thing is to bring a passion for the work and an understanding of the issue/community you want to write about (or a willingness to learn). Please note, however, that this is NOT a course that teaches grammar or the mechanics of writing—it’s all about the technique of grantwriting!

What if I don’t have a grantwriting job yet or I’m not sure I want to launch a business?
Perfect. View Nonprofit Grant Magic as professional development to help you decide if becoming a grantwriter is the right next step for you. The lessons are designed for you to think about hypothetical clients, and I’ll provide examples that apply to many different nonprofit issue areas. You’ll finish with the confidence to apply your skills to many different employment or business startup scenarios.
Is there a good market for grantwriting jobs?
Very much so! Grantwriting is a high demand career field. Many early career fundraisers eventually become associate or executive directors, leaving vacancies for new talent to fill. In addition, many young nonprofit professionals start out in grantwriting to gain experience and end up transitioning to programmatic work. Thus, grantwriters are hard to come by and highly valued in the field!
Will what you teach be applicable where I live and in my field?
Great question! I’m not going to lie—your local context matters and you know your community and issue better than I do. What I will teach you is what to look for. Based on my decades of experience in my own community, I can tell you where to search, what keywords to use, what red flags to watch out for, what mistakes to avoid, and what will give you a competitive advantage.
Will I really be ready to launch a new career or business in eight weeks?
If you put in the work, you’ll be ready. At the end of eight weeks, you’ll have learned the ins and outs of grantwriting that it took me more than two decades to learn. I’ll teach you the types of professional associations to look for in your area to start to get connected. Most importantly, you’ll have the the full breadth of skills and knowledge you need as a grantwriter, so you can start searching with confidence.
What do I need to successfully complete the course?
After registering for Nonprofit Grant Magic, all you need is a computer, internet access, and the ability to access Google Drive. There are some worksheets you may wish to print, but they can also be viewed as digital files.
How much time will it take to complete the course?
The course is self-paced, so you can go as fast or as slow as you like. There are eight modules with multiple lessons each, which is why we say you can complete it in eight weeks or less. But you can complete it in one week if you’re super dedicated or take many months if you just want to explore slowly. Once you make the purchase, you have lifetime access to the digital course—you just lose access to the monthly group coaching calls six months after your registration. On average, dedicated students with busy lives will likely finish the course in 4-6 weeks.
Is there group support for students?
Yes! For the first six months after you register, you’re eligible to participate in group coaching calls. You can attend to ask specific questions or you can just listen to the group. There is no pressure to attend—come whenever you feel like it will be useful to you.

14-day Happiness Guarantee!

If Nonprofit Grant Magic does not give you the confidence to go secure nonprofit grant money, simply email us your completed Organizational Voice worksheet and your completed Prospecting worksheet within 14 days of purchase, and we will issue you a full refund.

After the first 14 days, we do not offer further refunds. But we think you’ll be happy you chose Nonprofit Grant Magic! 😎

If you’ve read this far…

You have two options:

Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure it out on your own…

Or, finally have a proven roadmap for searching for the right funders for your nonprofit work.

Imagine where you could be just days—or hours— from now…

You’re ready to stop wondering what funders are out there.

You’re ready to start applying for funding that will kick start your important work.

You’re ready to feel confident that you know what you’re doing.

You’re ready to Find Your Funders!

I’m ready to join Nonprofit Grant Magic today!