Budgeting for Grant Proposals

Learn the numbers side of a grant proposal – in just over an hour!

Learn how to craft your grant proposal budget today!

Budgeting for Grant Proposals is a 75-minute class that will teach you how to budget for grant proposals—from basic budgeting principles to advanced techniques that will help you build organizational sustainability!


Tell me if this sounds like you…

You’re ready to start bringing in funding for your nonprofit organization.

But you are intimidated by the prospect of creating a budget.

You feel confident in your writing, but you don’t know how to support your words with the right numbers.

You’re frustrated with budgets that feel too restrictive for your organization’s needs.

You wish there were a quick, trustworthy way to learn how to create a budget so you can fast track your ability to start raising money!

That’s exactly what you’ll get inside

What’s inside the class?

Here’s a breakdown of what you get:

  • A 75-minute video lesson that goes over budgeting basics, info on what funders are looking for, and tips for how to use your grant proposal budgets to maximize the benefit to your nonprofit
  • A spreadsheet template so you can do the work along with the video
  • A private community in the course portal to ask questions
  • Lifetime access to the class materials

Exactly what you need? Join us today!

Who Is This Right For?


If you’re the only staff member (or just wearing a lot of hats) at your nonprofit, you need support! We’ll teach you the basics and answer your budgeting questions as you craft your own budget.


Are you a great writer, but lack confidence in the numbers side of grantwriting? You’re in the right place! We’ll share ideas for how to help craft your clients’ budgets in ways that build financial stability.

Development staff

So you’re supposed to submit grant propoals—but you don’t know the first thing about budgeting! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. After taking this class, you’ll be talking like a budgeting pro in no time.

Basically, this is for you if…

You know words, but you need help with the numbers.

You want an easy, step-by-step system to start building your grant proposal budgets.

You know that your grant budgets could be working better for your organization or your clients.

Sound like you? Join Budgeting for Grant Proposals today!

Hi, I’m Tracy!

I’m an experienced nonprofit fundraiser and communicator who works with writers to develop the skills and knowledge to feel confident building meaningful careers as grantwriters.

When I’m not hanging out with my family and my Bernedoodle, I’m gardening, watering my 40+ plants, playing pickleball, or making a home-cooked dinner.

But my first passion is to raise money for the nonprofits that I work for and care so much about. And after 20 years of grantwriting, I’m now dedicated to teaching more people to write and search for grants because the need for our work is greater than ever!

Read to join? We can’t wait to get started!