I’m Tracy Babler.

Writer. Fundraiser. Grammar nerd. But most importantly, storyteller.


I believe that a story lies at the heart of every organization and every piece of writing. And I believe that you know that story best. My goal is to help you find it.

I work with nonprofits and small businesses to communicate, raise money and connect with people. I believe the secret to communicating well is listening. I listen to my clients—how they talk about their work, what’s important to them, what moments define success—to find those little nuggets that create a good story and define the language of the organization.

I’ve worked in the development and communications field for more than a decade, and have helped both nonprofit and business clients achieve their fundraising and communications goals. Over the years, I’ve helped organizations grow, prosper and use seriously better punctuation.


I’d love to help you, too. Let’s find your story.