Writing that tells a story

No matter what its purpose
—to entertain, to inform, to persuade, to raise money—
a story is at the heart of all good writing.
Let's find your story.

Our Work

Breweries and Brownfields

Breweries and Brownfields

A good local craft beer goes well with many things. Here’s one that may surprise you. Redeveloping polluted urban property...

Impacts of Community Engagement

Impacts of Community Engagement

Community engagement is a vital process that promotes the participation of residents in community life and results in numerous...

When asked, clients say the nicest things...

"Tracy grasped the nuances of our organization quickly, which allowed her to be productive almost immediately. She is an excellent writer, she thinks strategically, and has the rare talent of being able to translate complicated ideas into smart, organized thoughts. And most importantly, she is a pleasure to work with.

– Jeri Quest, CEO, Dress for Success Twin Cities

"Working with Tracy elevated my business, enabling my startup company to apply for a federal grant. Without her help navigating the complicated process, a company of my size would never have had access to the opportunity.

- Jamie Johnson, Founder, Verde Sustainable Solutions

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